Chelsea Wish List!

Lots of people are helping to take Leamington Spa to Chelsea this May but we need your help too!

Can you provide anything from our Wish List below? It’s getting smaller but still some things we need help with!

  • Some of the plants on our plant list inc plants from New Zealand!
  • Building materials – wood, plywood and fixings
  • Composted bark ( approx. 70  x 75l bags or equivalent) for May
  • Turf: to go around the outside of the stand after we have finished working on it
  • The Water Feature – water pump, candelabra fountain
  • Transport – a lorry or horse truck to take the exhibit to Chelsea and back in May
  • Water Spray Back Packs to borrow in May x 3
  • Accommodation in London near Chelsea (May 11-24)
  • Promoting our activities locally, regionally and nationally
  • Sponsorship support
  • Fundraising activities e.g. hosting an event

If you can help with any of the above then please contact us